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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 004

The 'coffee break' was exactly how my seniors warned me before this. The EXCO Kopitiam memang very ganas. They open shop to certain people only. Not everyone is so 'lucky' to experience the kopitiam. You must get invited first. The 'coffee' they serve you can really be so hot it can force tears to come out from your eyes. Don't they have Coke or 100plus instead? The 'coffee' can be really bitter to taste. All I did was just fall asleep. Can you blame me? I was really so tired. After hiking for two hours and the hot sun hitting at us which could easily cook an egg, I just fell asleep. The leaves were just so nice to lie on. They just felt like my mattress at home compared to the beach sand which kept on getting into my underwear. Geseran lah! The shade that the trees provided and the breeze that blew on my cheeks were just like the aircond in my room compared to the scorching sun out there. I just couldn't resist it. Can you really blame me for that?

The two excos that was part of the coffee session are two people that always stood out to me. I call them A&W cos of their names. One is tall, skinny like tekko and fair like snow white. I think he use SPF30 sunblock or SKII whitening lotion too much. Haven't he heard of the term tall, DARK and handsome? Mana ada tall, snow white and handsome one??? The other one is also tall but fat and damn lawak. We juniors like him cos he always lawak with us but the other one always very serious and fierce. I very scared of him.

I think the coffee session would have been worse if not for the lawak exco around. He makes things more bearable. He is like sugar that makes the coffee less bitter. Why can't all excos be like him? Then our lives will be so much easier. Actually I understand why cannot also. If everyone as nice as him, sure all of us will climb over their heads and berak there. Confirm one. I myself will sure do that already. That's why I also still respect the fierce exco although he always scold me. If don't have fierce exco like him, sure the troop kandas already by now. I think balance is important - yin and yang.

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