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Troop Take Over '13 ( TTO)

Troop Take Over was held yesterday after a hectic schooling for all the Sea Scouts. Some were very tired and might not have got it clearly.....so I thought of posting the results on the blog :)

Prob ATL(s)
 :  Lim Boon Yeong                   
 :  Chew Chin Chai

Prob  VUL    
:  Sheikh Hanif
Prob  VUS    
: Fuad Ahmed

Prob SPL      
: Lim Chin Hai

Prob SPS    
 : Joel Lim

Prob PL(s)    
: Derric Lim (Beaver)                
 : Dylan Lim (Otter)                      
: Melvin Lee ( Dolphin)

Prob PS(s)    
 : Lee Jack Ian    ( Beaver)
 : Sharveen         ( Otter)
 : Kye Yen         ( Dolphin)
To those who are not elected , strive hard!!