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Knots Chart Inter Patrol Competition

Attention all Sea Scouts!!! This week we are going to have our second Inter Patrol Competition which is the Knots Chart. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all Sea Scouts which had been permanently appointed during the AGM and wish them best of luck. This IPC is going to test on your scouting knowledge of knots, lashings, hitches and many more different kinds of knots. So is the Venturez gonna continue their dominance in IPC or is some other Junior Patrol that is gonna rise and shine. Dolphin or Beaver or Otter??? .*which newly permanently appointed PL which is going to start proving themselves worthy of their post??? *. We will find out soon enough.
Date: 10th September 2005
Time: 1400hrs - 1700hrs
Venue: Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)
"As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it."

The results of the Backwoodsman IPC
Venturez - 355
Beaver - 326
Otter - 268
Dolphin - 188
Seniors - N/A
*To the form3s and form5s and form6s u betta start studying for your trials as the exams are jus round the corner.. make the troop proud.. show people that we 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scouts are capable of everything (all rounder??). We dun just excel in scouting but also in academics. *

~Visit to the Archive Room~

On Tuesday 23rd August, I and 4 scouts visited the Archive Room. They were ATL Gajen and 3 Senior Scouts, Kel and Ka-yin and Kwok Tjun. I wished more people had turned up as I wanted to set up the OC for the 45th Anniversary Cum Reunion Dinner and wanted to have a meeting concerning it but the Chairman did not attend also.

The main purpose of this visit was to look back on the history of our troop. We also wanted to collect information about the troop and also want to take down the names of EXCO from their respective terms. So we could keep in touch with them and keep them updated.

The Results Of The AGM 2005

The AGM started with the usual tradition of breaking the Flag and there was a slight drizzle. This year there was no drilling which was a surprise to everyone. The reading of the minutes of the AGM 2004 was read by the Secretary ATL Ng Kok Kwan. Then TL Alvin Tang gave his Troop Leader's Report. Later each Office Bearers gave thier annual report which is as usual yada..yada...yada.... the usual boring stuff lerrr.. zzZZzzzZZZ.

After that.. there was a different agenda which is the reading of the new Constitution. *will write more bout it later in a new post* The Constitution is the guidelines on how to handle the troop and etc etc.

The Amazing Troop Leader Race

It is very likely to be a three horse race between the current Prob. ATLs - Bernard Tan Ooi Keat and Lim Ming Yeng, and Prob. VUL Gajendheran a/l Nadaesan.

Bernard is the current holder of the Best Patrol Leader Challenge Trophy which he won during CTC04. There's no doubt his leadership skills played a role in him landing that challenge trophy along with numeral other trophies and would prove to be a tough cookie to beat. He's also known to be very smooth with the ladies ( if that is taken into account).

AGM 2005

It's that time of the year again. Hands shaking, knees knocking...you can't eat, you can't sleep, you start losing hair! Ok, maybe not so graphic but you get the idea. It's 'election time' for 8th South (minus the election but still full of jostling for posts) in which a new lineup of leaders will soon take over at the helm. Who will be the next Troop Leader for 8th Georgetown (South)? (cue music from American Idol)

Catch the action....LIVE and exclusive only at the time and venue listed below!
Date: 20th August 2005
Time: 0800hrs - 1230hrs
Venue: PFS Lecture Theatre
Attire: FSSU (Full Sea Scout Uniform)

Backwoodsman Inter Patrol Competition

Attention all sea scouts!!! This week we are gonna have our first and hopefully not the last Inter Patrol Competition of the year which is the Backwoodsman Cooking. Its bout time for u guys to show ur skills and see whose is the Iron Chef of 8gts. So whose gonna dominate this year's backwoodsman??? Will it be the [V]enturez??? or the Junior Patrols Dolphin or Otter or Beaver?? Who will continue the legend of PL Rishi from Pengu with his mighty kerang.. lol.... Whose gonna produce more smokes...8gts or 7gts??? We will find out soon enough.
Date: 13th August 2005
Time: 0800hrs - 1230hrs
Venue: UMP (Usual Meeting Place)
Attire: Full Mufti

45th Anniversary Celebrations

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Attention all current and former sea scouts. Planning has started for organising 8th Georgetown (South)'s 45th Aniversary cum Reunion Dinner in 2006. The date and venue has yet to be decided. Tentatively, we plan to hold it at a hotel/restaurant/mamak stall. It will probably be a semi-formal sit-down dinner (poolside anyone?). There will be performances, exhibitions on various aspects of the troop, strip dancing, swimsuit contest, pole dancing and lots more. We would like your full support in making this grand event a success. We would like to make contact with all the ex-scouts. Please leave your email and contact number with Daniel Phoon. For more information you can email him or call 0164987383.

Also, we would like you to have your say concerning this event. Please leave your comments after the post. (beep?)

Take Me To Your Leader

So who's in-charge here? Let me introduce you to the team then. We have here with us today the site moderators, Prob. ATL Bernard Tan Ooi Keat and Prob. ATL Lim Ming Yeng. Apa ni? Kasi-lah tepuk komando sikit! Ok, ok....kamsiah. Next, we have the contributors, currently comprising of SS Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng and SS Moy Wei Sern. But who is the big boss, you ask? Oh, sorry...sorry. Not forgetting, the webmaster - Prob. VUL Gajendheran a/l Nadaesan. 8th South, phak chiu! Ok, cukup...cukup!

How do you become a contributor, you ask? Just contact any of the moderators for approval and you are set! Even if your application is rejected, don't worry...you can still make comments, just not create new topics. Nothing that will dent your ego, right? So, what are you waiting for?!? Move! 5.....4.....3.....2......1........ Latecomers take 10!!!

Let's Get It Syndicated

Syndicate? What dark and sick syndicate is this website running, anyway? Fortunately (or unfortunately) not quite as troubling as some drugs or smuggling syndicates found out there. Ok, the news is, this site is Atom enabled and that means we are dedicated to bringing the updates to YOU. All you need to do is subscribe to the 08online feeds using your favourite feed reader/news aggregator, be it Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Newzcrawler, Bloglines or NewsGator, to retrieve the latest updates from this site as and when you want them. Still don't get it? Weren't you listening? Just use the search box and do your own research, ok!

Let's get it started! Let's get it syndicated!

Welcome to a New Beginning

Welcome to the new virtual home for the mighty sea scouts of Penang Free School. So what's new around here? The right question should be...what's not?!? Say goodbye to the plain old website, hello interactive community! Make a shoutout at the chat area, get cracked up by the silly comments accompanying the photos, write your own dry humour about those pictures, influence the polls with your votes, get updated with what's going on, and most importantly, make your opinions count by leaving comments on the main posts. What?!? You want a tour? You got to be kidding me! I'll just let you poke around yourself and find your own way around. That's more fun.

Enjoy the site!

P.S. Don't forget to leave your mark in the ship's log!