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Present Range Of Scouting In PFS And Causes To It ( Part 1)

Hey everyone, I am the current 8GTS ATL and also the Combined Scouts Council Chairman. I am here to share and acknowledge all of you on the present condition of scouting in the Grand Old Lady. As we know, Penang Free School is well-known for its scouts which have part of the School's traditions and it came along with its developments too. However, scouting is getting very passive and the Troops are left out. I assume that a number of you who are reading this would probably say that irresponsible leaders and their slackness are the main factors that have brought this to the scouting environment. However, this is not 100% true. There are many other reason that has lead to the partial demise of Troops is PFS.
GSMs' or SMs' are individuals that play a big role and carry a big burden of their shoulders to lead the Troops and bring on the right track with the help of  the Troop Leaders. Unfortunately, the Scouters have failed to perform the task as adults and guiders to the scouts. For instance, whenever the EXCOs' plan and try to organize a camp for the scouts, the Scouters will give feedback such as " I wont be around on those dates" , " I have some other task to do " and so on. What are we are asking for?? A lifetime commitment  with  Troops? No, we are only requesting for a few days and it is because the School Rules says so or else we would everything by ourselves. In that case, the SM are reluctant to spend their time with us or support our event or activities. Whenever, they are questioned they who answers that do not make sense. Next, there aren't any co-operation among the SMs'. A Troop is assigned to have 2-3 teachers who are the Scouters. However, none of them are willing to take charge whenever there is an activity. This is not only applies for them to be on duty during camps or activities but also when we ( EXCOs') ask them for their signature to acquire permission for the school ground to organize our events. A few weeks ago, I myself went up to the SM of 8GTS to get his signature so that the ASSTC could be organized. This was the feedback from him " I'm not the main person incharge, how can your GSM push everything to me??  He is the head and he is suppose to deal with all this, we are the assistant and we only help if the condition needs". I told him that the condition that he is very much needed for now as the GSM wont be around during the tentative dates of the ASSTC. He resisted to sign by giving the same answer and asked me to leave. Is that how, things work??