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The Results of CTC'05

Well the camp is finally over.. wheeee~~ I hope everyone goes back with sweet memories and hope it will last forever. If u miss CTC, than dun worry. Come back and join next year. Hahaz. This is the results of the camp:-

Patrol Category
Best Overall Champion: Xothique
Best Overall Patrol: Fusion
Best Tower and Gateway: Xothique
Best Gadgets: Blaze
Best Structure: Fusion (Excos Challenge Trophy)
Best Model Ancient Ship: Xothique
Best Landscape: Fusion
Best Sculpture: Xothique
Best Kitchen Unit: Sapphire
Best Drilling Squad: Zeuryx
Best Modern Cooking: Blaze
Best Dance: Blaze
Best Sketch: Zeuryx
Best Patrol Advertisement: Zeuryx
Best Banner: Blaze
Best Flag: Zeuryx
Best Comic Book: Fusion
Most Spirited Patrol: Traxex (the PL-less patrol)

Individual Category
Most Outstanding Patrol Leader: Aric Oon (at least didnt win overall but dpt best PL k)
Most Outstanding Patrol Second: Alyn Tan Chen Yong (CGL) - myeng mia gf
Most Outstanding Senior Scout: Lim Teik Hong
Most Outstanding Junior Scout: Andrew Ng
Most Outstanding Guides/Ranger: Phang Carmen (SGGS)
Best Dancer (Scout): Matthew Ng (dun cry Jordan)
Best Dancer (Guides/Ranger): Tay Seok Hwa (CDK)
Best Actor: Chuan Teik Min
Best Actress: Cassandra Tan (PCGHS)

To all Seniors or so called soon to be Venturez, gud luck in Recruitment Drive.
To all Venturez, dun play play d, next year SPM liao. Die die die.
To all outgoing Venturez which is going NS have fun in National Service.

p.s: ATL Bernard Tan still luv all of the campers of CTC 05 and me too.
p.s: TL Myeng luv alyn, ahhaz.

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