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Tribute To A Lil Man

Well today was the last day of working for one the most dedicated teacher i have ever seen in my time, he has been in Penang Free School for about 31 years and 9months or roughly almost 32years. Indeed 32years is a very long time serving in PFS and is so happens that PFS was the 1st school he taught and the only school he have ever been in since being a teacher. Have u all guess who is he?? He is none other than Mr. Loh Hua Sin, our Senior Assistant of Administration. Some of u might recognize him through his shinning bald head. Lol.

To celebrate his retirement, there was a special assembly for him. Mr. Latif gave his speech, followed by the student representative Head Boy Yeoh Jit Wei and than the teachers representative Mrs. Ruby Mangalam Janet. From the assembly, I learned a few things about Mr. Loh.

  • he was born in the 1950 as the eldest son of 10 siblings
  • he got his early education in Sinkang Primary School and later at Chung Ling High School
  • Pn Ruby mentioned he was more a Free than a Chung because of his devotion to PFS for more than 3 decades
  • Although his short, u will never believe he is actually a good tennis player but Mr. Latif claims Mr. Loh has never won him before in matches
  • He was nearly transferred out twice to the mainland but because of his love and dedication he manage to stay in PFS
  • became the successor of Mr. Khoo Poh Kheng as he was appointed as the Senior Assistant of Admin in the year 2004
  • his major in teaching Chemistry and more Chemistry to the form6 students
  • the event that he claims was the most challenging for him and also he will remember forever which is when he was the acting Principal and there was a royal visit by the King which is also an Old Free on 2nd August 2004
  • another event was when one of Ex-Principal which also an Old Free Dr. Goh Hooi Beng which vowed never to step into PFS anymore decided to pay a visit to Mr. Loh to discuss some matters concerning PFS
  • it took him half a decade to find his dream woman and tied the knot in the year 2002
  • he doesnt have any kids now but hopefully he will soon~!! Because after his retirement he will be going for a honeymoon with his wife to an undisclosed location
  • The mystery of his forever shinning bald head is still unsolved but we know the truth is out there

Hopefully Mr. Loh will be remembered not as a tiny lil man with no hair but as a wonderful and dedicated teacher of The Grand Old Lady. Because of his long teaching years in PFS, he has been offered membership to join the Old Frees Association. Its definitely another big lost to our Grand Old Lady.

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