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Another 40mins Of Horror

This is gotta be a bitter news to all students of Penang Free School. There have been a few changes done to the school and this particular change will sure affect the most out of us. It is the changes done to the timetable of every form. In the old system, an average class period is 35 minutes but in the new system, an average class period is 40 minutes. This is because the Principal (HM) Mr Hj Ramli b. Din is complying with the Education Ministry 31st December 1997 Act whereby it is stated in every school, each period must have the minimum of 40 minutes.

New PFS Timetable
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This new scheme will start on the Second Semester after the 2 weeks break on 12th June 2006. Some unwanted incidents occurred which is of course done by shameless students in a so called protest, for more information click here. Many students should realize it is not the teachers fault that this is happening; it is the duty of the HM to comply with the Ministry of Education Acts.

After speaking to a few of my peers in school, I asked my self weather the change was appropriate or necessary. I concluded that it is necessary as I said it is the duty of the HM to comply with the Act and if news about this comes out, PFS will sure be the laughing stock of the community. But I feel maybe it would be better if they cut down a few periods as other schools are having 40 minutes periods but they are finishing earlier, well but the school sure has their reason for it. Furthermore, the extension will not boost the academic results of the students neither will it make certain students be interested in studying but it will just encourage truancy among students. One of the smart kids in my class said that I will be seeing him lesser in school as he prefer to be at home instead of being in school for approximately 7 hours. Another point here is on the day after the midyear exams, I had my Moral class and even before the clock strike 1300hrs, the whole class including the teacher was very tired. My friends and I agreed that it would not be a problem for us regarding the time going back but maybe minor aspects such as better class facilities, the way the teachers teach could be made much more interesting so that the students like us will be interested and maybe do something about the recess time as what about lunch?? School ends at 2.40 which is way over our lunch time. All I have to say to those dissatisfied people is: *When changes are done, you might like it or you might not like it but this is the way life is as life is never always fair and you will have to cope with it so that you have the experience that might help you in the future*

So what do you guys think??

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