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Serial Raping Of Pantai Kerachut

Pantai Kerachut Turtles
I've found my visits to Pantai Kerachut recently relatively less pleasant than the ones before and things will get worse now especially when the sanctity of our beloved home is being continually raped by commercial vultures.
A TURTLE-shaped rock in Teluk Bahang, Penang, is poised to gain prominence now that the surrounding beach will be promoted as a turtle sanctuary.

Fishermen in the area used the rock as a reference point for fishing purposes.

But now, with plans in the pipeline to promote the area as a turtle sanctuary to attract tourists, the turtle-shaped rock is poised to be a significant landmark for turtle watchers.
Will I be able to enjoy a tranquil getaway from civilisation like before? I highly doubt it. What are your thoughts on this? Full article here.

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