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Treatment For Jellyfish Sting

We've heard of the 'well-known treatment' of jellyfish stings with one's urine. As a first aider, I've employed this 'remedy' before (not my urine though) on the sea scouts under my care when vinegar was not available, and it worked.

However, research has come to show that your pee may actually cause more pain to the victim rather than make it better. Instead of aiming your 'little brother' on the victim, washing the stung area with saltwater (NOT freshwater) is recommended to deactivate the nematocysts (the agent that is pumping all that juice that's causing all that discomfort) from releasing more venom.

After all the nematocysts have been deactivated, the attached bits of tentacle can be removed by coating them with wet beach sand followed by shaving off with your MyKad.

So, the next time you feel like dropping your pants during a jellyfish sting incident, do think twice. Exposing your 'water hose' may cause more than nightmares to the victim. Unless of course he is someone you totally despise.

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