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Some Weird And Interesting Search Queries

Here's a list of some weird and interesting search queries that found its way to 08online...
"ship began to roll" song [Titanic?]
penang free school gay [!!!]
convent green lane motto [huh?]
pak-chiu-cheng blog [WTF]
how can i get waves in my hair [?!?]
Even teachers get searched online...
"lim ah seng"
goh teng keang
"khoo poh kheng"
Of course, our troop's very own celebrities would also make the list...
lee kuan shern
tai khing khoon
alvin tang malaysia
yew xing hun
aric oon friendster
lee jiajian
wei sern
Some are so popular, they get multiple hits for various searches...
gajendheran (3)
gajen (2)
gajen refugee (1)

[Gajen...a refugee?!?]

kelvin lim (3)
kelvin lim wei kheng (1)
wei+kheng (1)
you are my all kelvin lim (1)
penang free school sea scout 2006 kelvin lim wei kheng (1)

[Someone must have a serious crush on ATL Kelvin Lim! You are my all?!? Eww!!!]

daniel phoon (21)
"daniel phoon" (2)
+"daniel+phoon" (1)
daniel phoon blog (1)
daniel.lawbreaker (1)

[Even TL of the Millennium Andy Tai who features prominently on the banner of 08online is no match for him. It's either there's another Daniel Phoon out there or the Daniel Phoon we know is very much sought after! A case of stalkers, perhaps?]
Yes, there are some seriously strange and disturbing searches that ends up at 08online and this list is just the tip of the iceberg!

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