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Annual General Meeting 2007

The time has come for the Annual General Meeting to convene once more. Details as follows:
Date: 24th August 207
Time: 0830hrs
Venue: Lecture Theatre School Canteen
Attire: FSSU
All sea scouts are to meet at the UMP first. Attendance is compulsory for all.

AGM is always associated with the appointment of the new TL but we all know it is more than that. Oh, screw it, who are we fooling here? We want to know who will succeed TL Jeffrey Lee after tomorrow! So who do you think it will be? Will it be between Prob. ATLs Andrew Ng and Nicholas Ong? Or maybe Prob. VUL Melvin or Prob. VUS Lee Jang Heng?

Will this year's race be any more interesting than the Amazing Troop Leader Race 2005 and Amazing Troop Leader Race 2006? Will there finally be an upset? Stay tuned to find out.

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