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The Race for Troop Leader 2009/2010

It has been long since I've set up a poll. Well here it is, Who will be the Troop Leader for the next term?

Will it be Prob ATL Chin Quan? Did he did his job and carry out his duties well? Will he be trustworthy enough to earn the post? Prob ATL Kai Yann. Elected during TTO. Will he be chosen? Do not forget Prob VUL Cason Chong. He was leading the pack during Kerachut 09. What on earth happen to him after Kerachut? Will be shine once again and claim his spot as TL. We will find out soon enough.

What about other possible candidates? Will VUL Chuan Teik Min (Teko) get his chance after he missed out last year. Or maybe current TL Adrian Chuah proclaim himself Troop Leader once again to save the troop from falling apart?

Vote for ur choice ~

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