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Campfire Night Secrets

Since I will only be back in Penang on 8th of December ,I can't really share some of my ideas and experience with the present scouts in this particular area .Hopefully, you guys can learn something out of it .

*Priority in Order

Strictly no 'Hokkien' or 'Mandarin'.Most of you don't realise that using Hokkien and Mandarin lowers down the quality of your sketch .Just use our Universal Language so that everyone is able to understand and pay attention to the whole performance .Make sure that you speak clearly and it is loud enough for everyone to hear .Always check the audio quality in a CD player after burning from computer (Don't be stupid to test it with the desktop CD player .Common sense).Dont be surprised if the audio sound is a bit too soft .Use the program 'Wavepad' to increase the sound volume .

Never wear your Camp-T ,scarf or your basic scout uniform for your performances .It is very important to wear other different clothes/costumers for different parts of the sketch to attract attention of the audience .Make sure that the intervals between parts are long enough for you to change into another attire.You can always try wearing double layer to make things much more easier .The past 3 CTCs I have been to ,I am quite disappointed to say that some didn't even bother to have COSTUMES! All of their actors/actresses were wearing Camp-T.As far as I know , most of the audience will begin to fall asleep or wander somewhere else if the sketch is dull and boring .


This is also one of the most important things to attract attention of the audience .During CTC 2005, I was under Kelvin Lim's patrol who had won Best Sketch and Advertisement if I was not mistaken .Well the reason we won was because we had a total of 4 Cardboard boxes full of props .Sketches don't have to be funny to attract attention but having as many props as possible helps a lot.Always arrange props for different scenes in different boxes to make things easier during intervals .Little small details like this can be very important for all you know .

4.Face expression & Confidence

Always look at your audience .Create a bond between them and yourself.Don't keep staring at your own patrol members or look down through out the entire performance . The audience need to feel involved in the sketch .

So what are you're still doing now? Get your ass moving and design some props .

To be continued with Dance & Cosplay / Fashion Show

Please impress us (Ex-scouts ), as last year the only good performances were by the EXCOs.Other than that , everything else was just Kerachut standard .

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