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TTO 2011's result

I believe what we have announced during TTO is not really clear
So , I think I shall post the results up again

Prob ASM
:Por Kai Yann
:Chew Chin Quan

Prob ATL
: Jason Teoh
: Nachiappan Thanneemalai

Prob VUL
: Heymen Naidu
: Lee Zhi Hoong

Prob VUS
: Ryan Koay
: Ch'ng Wei Sheng

Prob SPL
: Ivan Khoo Kien Jie

Prob SPS
: Roshvinder Singh

Prob PL
: Chew Chin Chai (BEAVER)
: Lim Boon Yeong (OTTER)
: Shashivarma (DOLPHIN)

Prob PS
: Sheikh Hanif (BEAVER)
: Erik Arthur (OTTER)
: Quak Tien Choong (DOLPHIN)

BEST JUNIOR SCOUT of the term 2010/2011
: Chew Chin Chai

BEST SENIOR SCOUT of the term 2010/2011
: Lim Boon Leong

To those newly elected probationary leaders , congratulations but please do not have that "over confident attitude in you guys" , you have just officially provoked those unelected ones
To those who are not elected , strive hard !

"Whatever you are , be a good one"

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