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Hoisting a flag

In the navy , the correct time to hoist colours when in port is at 8am between March and September , and 9am between October and February , the colours lowered at sunset . When at sea , the ensign (flag) should always be flown and or getting under way after sunset it should be hoisted if there is light enough to see it .

If a ship enters a foreign port and any special celebrations are on , she may fly the ensign of that country from the masthead , wearing , of course her own ensign aft.

As a sign of national mourning the ensign should be flown at half-mast ; if it has not been hoisted previously it should first of all be hoisted close up and the lowered to half-mast , while to lower an ensign from half-mast it is first hoisted close up and then lowered .

When a national flag is hoisted upside down , it is a signal of distress and indicates that assistance is required ; while to hoist another nation's flag upside down is an insult , so care should be taken that it is always hoisted correctly !
So all scouts please do remember not to break a flag upside down !

If a ship is seen with the ensign of one country flown above that of another on the same mast , it means that the ship has been captured by the country whose ensign is on top.

That's all for now !

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