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TTO (Troop Take Over)

Here are the results for the Troop Take Over (TTO) 2012

Elected probationary leaders
Prob. ATL : 
Ivan Khoo
Roshinvder Singh

Prob. SPL :
Lim Boon Yeong

Prob. SPS :
Chew Chin Chai

Prob. PL :
Joel Lim (Beaver)
Chen Yu Xiang (Otter)
Lim Chin Hai (Dolphin)

Prob. PS : 
Muhsin Kaamil (Otter)
Sean Tye Tze Wei (Beaver)
Richard Ho Wei Xuan (Dolphin)

Congratulations to all the newly elected probationary leaders . Please do prove yourself that you deserve post especially during ASSTC 2012 which is just around the corner. Change your bad attitude and be committed to the troop as well . Always do remember , this is only your probationary period therefore anything can happen . Good Luck.

Here are the trophies given out too for the term 2011/2012:

Best Patrol : Beaver
Best Venture Unit Leader : VUL Lee Zhi Hoong
Best Venture Unit Second : VUS Ryan Koay
Best Patrol Leader : PL Lim Boon Yeong
Best Junior Scout : JS Joel Lim

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to Beaver Patrol.
    I was the PL way back in 1984.