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Sea Scouts going bald???

I was jus browsing through the Friendster bulletin board and I read an interesting article posted in it. So wad do u guys think?? Post your comments. (sorry for the bad English its jus a copy and paste article from friendster)

School students: ever since Mr.Latif recovered from his stroke, he has been getting worse than ever. Now, he and his "discipline" board are pushing for all free school boys to have their hair cut short, n I mean REALLY short... like 1.5cm. This is a violation of human rights. No one has the right to force others to cut their hair like that as long as our hair is according to regulation. I would like to see the teachers themselves with crew-cut hairstyles. lol.

Mr.Latif also threatens to puncture the tires of all the cars that are parked in places which he deems unsuitable.... i mean hello??? even the police don't do that. this is clearly illegal n if he does this, plz report him to the police n sue him. last time i checked, destruction of other peoples property is classified as a crime n is punishable by jail or fine. The teachers in our skool complain day n night dat our students r useless, rude, n indiscipline. but we must wonder where we learned to b like that.....i mean, i learned lotza stuff from my teachers.. how to cheat in exams, how to plat truant, etc.

SO WHO IS TO BLAME??? I KNOW THAT I AM AN A*#E, BUT HOW BOUT U TEACHERS??? so, i am reaching out to all Frees out there... DO NOT GIVE IN TO OUR SCHOOL'S ADMINISTRATION!!!!!!!! STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! IF THEY FORCE US TO CUT OUR HAIR CREW-CUT NEXT YEAR, WE MUST ALL GO ON STRIKE!!!!! there are currently around 1800 students studying in penang free school while there are only 111 teachers. the odds speak for themselves .i would like to see the teachers trying to force us to cut our hair.... muahahahahha. anywayz, if the skool refuses to budge n continues to enforce these unfair rules, we students must show the skool that we r not afraid to fight for our rights, that we are brave n that we do not fear them. stand tall n proud!!! show your worth!!!!! do not succumb to the pressure!!!! WE HAVE OUR RIGHTS, BUT TO PROTECT THEM, WE MUST FIGHT FOR THEM!!!! every free who receives this message is obliged to support our cause by reposting it on the bulletin board. remember our skool motto, fortis atque fidelis (strong n faithful) THIS IS A TIME FOR US TO BE STRONG!!! TO SHOW NO WEAKNESS!!! PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AND SHOW THE WORLD THAT FREES ARE NOT GOVERNED BY STUPID RULES BUT THAT WE ARE LIBERATED THINKERS!!! WE KNOW WHEN A RULE OVERSTEPS IT'S LIMITS!!!! BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR FELLOW FREES N SUPPORT US!!!!! WE NEED YOURD HELP!! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG BUT ISOLATED, WE WILL BE PICKED UPON TO NO END!!!!

and everyone who is not a free can help too^.^ especially those gals whose boyfriends are from free skool.. i mean.. do u want ur boyfriend to look ugly??? hahaha

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