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Selection Day Results

Dance :Blaze Patrol [PL Warren Loh],Fusion Patrol [PL Aric Oon],Traxex Patrol [PL Moy Wei Sern}
Xothique Patrol [PL Jeffrey Lee] ,Zeuryx Patrol [PL Kelvin Lim] ,Sapphire Patrol [PL Daniel Phoon}

Sketch :Fusion Patrol, Zeuryx Patrol, Xothique Patrol

Advertisement :Blaze Patrol , Fusion Patrol , Zeuryx Patrol

Congratulations to those patrols which did really well and to the rest ,it's still not over,it's just the begining.So, don't give up and strive till the last second.Overall, each patrol has at least one item selected for campfire but there's still room for improvement.
Now...there's only one month left to CTC 2005.PL's plan your meetings wisely and good luck.

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