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PFS 74th Annual Sports Day Report

Penang Free School 74th Annual Sports Day has been a success thanks to the teachers and students which organise or help directly or indirectly. As early as 7am we could see students and house teachers at the school field decorating their tents. The tent which i find most attractive was Pinhorn and Cheeseman (thanks the scouting skills and camp banners). Even the form6 students which was having their Muet exam on the same day was down there helping out.

At around 2pm we waited for the arrival of the guest of hounour and it was lik drilzing a bit. I thought it was going to rain (thank god it didnt). The Guest of Honour arrive which was the Director of Education, PTA President, OFA President etc etc, (the Governer didnt come as he was fully booked for that day). The arrival was announced by the emcee and the march past parade begins~!! It was led by the band which is of course very impressive and the sport houses. This year each house got their own mascot and they are allowed to do fancy formations. Some houses did some creative formations but the marching wasnt much synchronize as u all know.

Cheeseman and Hargreaves came up with the knights in shinning armour mascot, Pinhorn as usual with the Sukma costume, the rest with a lil bit of Halloween spirit with them, Tunku Putra with Pumpkin Man, Wu Lien Teh with Green Goblin and the less appealing Hamilton with a ghost i think.

The events started. While the athelics were running, medals were given out. After that there was a Jamuan makan for the visitors (too bad no Kayu or Khaleel this year~!!). Than there was the band performance which was great as they manage to amuse the visitors. At last, one of the most interesting event is here. Its the Tug Of War~!! I would call this tight match between Hargreaves and Pinhorn is like Titans vs Galatics or KingKong vs Godzilla. In the end, Hargreaves manage to defend their tittle again this year. Woohhhooo``

And now is the D formation where our fellow scouts form a D shape horseshoe and wait for the thumping march of our fellow PFS students from their tents to the Pavillion. Prizes were given out, then we gave 3cheers for their guest which was headed by Ketua Atlet Buvan, and we stood alert for Negaraku, State Anthem and PFS Anthem whereby all of us sang with full spirit. With that, it marked the end of the 74th Annual Sports Day.

At the end of the day, people expected Pinhorn to win but sadly Wu Lien Teh emerged champions by winning Pinhorn with just 1point (they must sure be very very disappoinetd). Third placing goes to Hargreaves followed by Tunku Putra and as expected the house which fill up the bottom placing is Hamilton again (is it bcuz the students in Hamilton are to hamil until 1ton??). Congrats to those which have won and to those which didnt do well, try harder next time.

During the sports day, i met some familiar faces. Old boys such as Chng Geam Liang, Boo Soon Yew, Cheah Sin Loon, Khoo Poh Kheng. I manage to have a chat with some of them about what is happening in the Grand Old Lady and as well as the Penang Free School scouting movement.

Penang Free School 74th Annual Sports Day is a great success and thanks to those who came and supported it. Its sad to see those who didnt attend the sports day as they do not know what are they losing out and everyone plays a big role in it. Being on duty for sports day is not a waste of time, its a service done for the school as Frees and we should be proud of it, and the Grand Old Lady and me feel proud for those who came and a very thank you.

I feel the school should be grateful for having scouts on duty, scouts decorating the tents, setting up for the sports day, scouts incharge of the house march and much more. What would they do without us??

ps: photos on the sports day will be uploaded soon,
u may view in a matter of days

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