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The Fall of One Empire Leads to The Rise Of The New Empire

Huh?? Whats does the title means?? Its just a title just to catch ur attention thats all. Just writing this to inform u guys on the new Principal of Penang Free School. Woohoo~ Lets celebrate, new HM at last. The outgoing HM, Mr Haji Mohd Yusof bin Omar has been transfered to SMK Sg Acheh after serving in PFS for about 1 year 7 months only. This is some information i have obtained from his farewell speech. Penang Free School is the 12th school he has served in total of 27 years of teaching. He claims he has visited over 200 schools in Malaysia, which is a great big deal for him. When he first stepped into PFS, in his opening speech, he said he will be in this school for not long and its true, as he has left already. Every school he has been, he said he has always stressed that self discipline is very important.

The new HM, Mr Ramly is a HM also from SMK Batu Maung. Effective from 1st April 2006, he shall be the new HM. According to my sources, he is said to be a strict and stern teacher. Even before the 1st April, we could see him already in the school doing his rounds and checks around the school. During the Cross Country, he was there to help facilitate the event. He has already visited almost all classes and given the students a short lecture and brief introduction.

I can remember during my moral period, one of my friends told the moral teacher, Mrs Kupamal, that the new HM is good. She asked why, and he said because he can be seen at the main gate every morning before school start to ensure the safety of students and everything goes smooth. Mrs Kupamal jokingly said if she stands at the main gate everyday, so does that means she is a good teacher also, (everyone laughed) my friend explained. What he was trying to say was the HM is doing his job, unlike the previous one. I'm sure many people have questions to ask the previous HM.

So, to end this post here, 8th Georgetown (South) would like to wish the new HM best of luck in his future undertaking in the Grand Old Lady and hoping he is able to bring back the glory, fame and achievement of the Penang Free School.

Here is a phrase i learned from moral class which i find it quite true, think bout it.

*If U Did Nothing Wrong, Why Worry, Nobody Can Question U*

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