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The RM2 Million Jamboree

A hundred years of scouting in Malaysia and RM2 million for a National Jamboree in 2008.
A RM2mil jamboree in the works

THE Scout Association of Malaysia has announced plans to organise a National Jamboree next year to celebrate the centenary of the movement in Malaysia.

The jamboree at Universiti Putra Malaysia, is estimated to cost RM2mil and would cater to about 6,000 participants. [...]

The event is expected to take place from May 12 to 18, 2008, and would see the participation of scouts from Malaysia as well as Asia Pacific countries.

At the jamboree, the movement will also launch the 100 Year Book of Scouting History, stamps, and shillings. The event will also mark the founding of the International Scouts Camp and International Scouts Academy. [...]
I don't know about you but RM2 million seems like a lot of money to spend on a jamboree. That's RM20,000 for each year the scouting movement has existed in Malaysia. If I remember correctly, doesn't Scout Law #9 state something about being thrifty? Maybe someone should remind the National Chief Scout Commissioner that.

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