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Viva La FREES 21 October 2007

SCHOOL ATTENTION! And there it go again, every single year on this date we Frees honour the founding of our School, the Penang Free School. For many Old Frees, nostalgia strikes sudden and hard memories will rush back through the years to October 21st, a day mellowed with age; a timeless repetition of history; the simple ceremony at our Founders tomb in early dawn, attended by selected few; the smart parade on the field, the grand ceremony in the Great Hall, all these will have pleasantly surprised Rev. Hutchings.

In such a long period, the Free School has achieved many remarkable things that not many other schools have done; rich in tradition, our Alma Mater's legacy of academic and cocurricular excellence is reputably and arguably one of the nation's best. Some say we have become complacent, the past is what we have been always proud off but we should focus on the present and the future as well. The Penang Free School stands on the threshold of a new era, the Frees of the day should continue their predecessors domination and majestic reign and the legacy of the Grand Old Lady with a sense of pride. Here's a short momento to the Grand Old Lady:

Happy 191st Anniversary Free School

*certain phrases are excerpts taken from
Viva La FREES PFS 190th Anniversary

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