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ASSTC 2011 : Results

Well the ASSTC 2011 has just ended and here are the results .
But before that , to those who had lost please work harder next time . Dont give up !
To those who have won , congratulations ! You have won the battle but not the war !
Last but not least , learn from your mistakes SEA SCOUTS !

Best Overall Champion (Senior) : Chimera
Best Overall Champion (Junior) : Beaver
Most Spirited Patrol : Dolphin
Best Gadgets : Chimera
Best Mascot : Beaver
Best Logbook : Gyrados
Best Iron Chef : Otter
Best Backwoodsman : Gyrados
Best Flag and Flagpole : Gyrados
Best Welcome Banner : Chimera
Most Outstanding Patrol Leader : Lim Boon Yeong (Otter)
Most Outstanding Patrol Second : Sheikh Hanif (Beaver)
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Junior) : Richard Ho Wei Xuan (Beaver)
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Senior) : Arthur Yeow Eng Lip (Gyrados)

p/s : The best drilling and the best campnight trophy has been pulled out due to the poor performance of the scouts . I hope this problem will not repeat again .

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