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AGM 2011

The month of August who everyone has been waiting for is just around the corner ! Its time for our Annual General Meeting .
And I believe , all of you can't wait for it since you guys have just so called "pia-ed" in your recent ASSTC . However , bare in mind that some of the probationary leaders might be promoted or might be demoted too . So , I wish everyone the best of luck !

Full attendance are expected , to those who failed to turn up will be given a sacking or a warning letter .

Details of the event are as follows :

Date : 6th August 2011

Time : 1200 hrs - 1500 hrs

Venue : Class 3A (Meet at UMP)

Attire : FSSU

Patrol On Duty : Chimera

That's all for this post =] Adios !

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