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Its 8/8/2011 !
Wondering what day isit ? Let me answer this for you ~ Its the 7th Anniversary of the 08online blog !
Yes its 7 years old already and its still alive . I know alot of you guys doesn't know about this but dont worry . You're here to learn !

Here's a little bit about the 7 year old blog .
It was first launched on the 8th August 2005 . It was first handed by Gajendran(2005) then to Daniel Phoon (2005) then to Kelvin Lim (2006) then to Andrew (2007) then to Chong Kam Zhern (2008-2010) and then to the current one Jason Teoh (2011) . Not forgetting our moderater Lee Kuan Shern aka Kshern . Super duper thanks to him for his effort and commitment to this blog especially the AWESOME layout we have here .
Lets do a party =] Make some noice in the CHATBOX

Lastly , our troop is having its 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOO . I believe everyone is looking forward to it =]

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