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PCGHS Campfire

Time doesn't wait as the troop has already participated 3 campfire & gatherings already .
For the annual PCGHS campfire which was held on 21st of April , 15 of our seniors scouts have participated and have put their very best effort into it .

Congratulations to them even though they've only managed to grab the 1st Runner up and Best Supporter trophy .
What can we expect ? There's approximately 10 participating schools and we got SECOND PLACING.
Moreover , the overall champions were MBS ROVERS which included BOY & GIRL Scouts . That's a hell of an advantage for them.

Since when we're PFS 8TH ??

It seems to be a very unique pattern about our troop winning the trophies in this campfire as you can see the pattern here :

2008 - 2nd runner up
2009 - 1st runner up
2010 - Overall Champion
2011 - 2nd runner up
2012  - 1st runner up
2013 - Overall champion ??? I doubt that =P

To the upcoming leaders , please put your very best effort for your future despite the current condition of the troop is much poorer than other rival schools . Make a change and you'll definitely never regret for what you have done .

Their booklets and metal badges 
P/s : Someone from somewhere please flood the chatbox before all DOWN 20 ! Thanks =D

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