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Reviving the Scout Car Grand Prix

The Scout Car Grand Prix or as known as Soap Box Derby is a pedal race which was first introduced by the Penang Free School B-P Guild in 1969 . It was then taken over by the PFS Rover Scout Screw and the Combined Scouts Council to inherit this event.
Here's one of them !
In 1972 , over 30 scout groups and 14 guides & rangers companies participated in this successful event. There, they've manage to present 11 scouts cars which were engineered with only scrap materials and spare parts of a bicycle. In some of cars, there were even up to 9 gears and I’m still wondering how on earth could they do that because it was an astonishing achievement . In 1974 , the forth scout car grand prix took place in Gurney Drive which attracted numerous crowds and tourist which made this event very well known. That venue was the perfect spot due to the long straight road with minimal traffic till Gurney Plaza was built. From there, everything has changed .

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Most ingeniously built scout car
However , after the year 2002 this prestigious event was called to a halt . Why ? Dont bother asking me , Im still figuring out what had happened. Some said , its all thanks to the the new Gurney Plaza .

Then recently , our new principal En Jalil Bin Saad who's also an ex-free decided to revive the Soap Box Derby. He suggested that this event will be held during Co-Curriculum day, if we don't have enough participating schools. Few weeks back , Mr Lye Poh Chye from 1st Georgetown South called all the representatives from each troop to the teacher's canteen to discuss about this matter and have decided to have a workshop regarding how to build this scout car . He even suggested that we should track back to the ex-scouts who might still be having one of the cars to ease our burden. Not forgetting , everyone here is welcomed to help us out as we dont have a blue print or any idea how construct an awesome car .

Excited for this event? May this be the most anticipated activity for us scouts, sea scouts and also to the sister guides who MIGHT be reading this ! 

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  1. salam pengakap..terbaik.gerak maju PPM Penang tqvm-plnj

  2. Writer of the above, please note there is NO Ex Free, only an OLD FREE, so Tuan Jalil Saad is an Old Free and NOT an EX Free. This one of the traditions of Penang Free School. Like in Scouting we are known as OLD SCOUT not an EX Scout, because ONCE a SCOUT, ALWAYS a SCOUT and another is OLD SCOUTS DON'T DIE, THEY JUST FADE AWAY....