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Goodbye Boys

A Malaysian movie based on a scouting trip will be screened on September 22 and 23 on a limited basis while the DVD will be released nationwide on September 25. So what's your take on the movie? For context, read the article here and here. Here's an excerpt of the article:
Goodbye Boys
They were bored. Director Bernard Chauly and producer Lina Tan felt they needed to do something; it had been a lull since Gol & Gincu. Chauly suggested an idea he had been toying with. A boys' story. Tan thought it was a good subject since Gol & Gincu was basically a "girls' story".

The result: RedFilms' latest, Goodbye Boys, a digital feature about eight Form Five Scouts and five harrowing days' journey through the Kinta Valley in 1990. A coming-of-age story, a rite of passage disguised as a road trip and the fulfilment of a King Scout’s requirement. It is a classic journey of transformation, where each character will find his true self, make new discoveries and realisations, and face up to the eventual crossroad.

These boys face everything that a 17-year-old would - girls, misbehaving hormones, pimples, indecision, one-upmanship, and the unknown future.
Official website here.

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