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Updates* TV in the Canteen, Is It For Real??

It has been awhile since you people are updated on the happenings in Penang Free School. Here are a few of the recent happenings.

In the recent weekly asemblies, in the speech by HM Mr Hj Ramli Bin Din, he challenged the students to an extraordinary deal. In one week, if the students are able to keep the canteen clean and up to standard, he WILL install a 29inch television equip with Astro Channels. He jokingly said students will be able to watch CNN and Bloomberg (students was boo-ing and laughing), and also be able to watch football and Akademi Fantasia (cheers and thunderous applause from the students).

PFS Canteen

He also stated that he will not speak on issues concerning problematic students anymore (what previous HM's and Senior Assistant Mr Abdul Latif had done all time during assemblies) and will start to bring the school to a higher level. He says for years the school has tried to help in many ways to assist this problematic students and it is time for this to stop, as it is slowing down the school from progressing. His proposal was to ask the individual to be transferred out from the school, rather than waiting for the school to expel him.

Besides that, he raised up the issue concerning the intake of students which he feels some of them are not qualified to be in this school at all. From next year onwards, he vows to only bring in qualified and deserving students into the school. Further more, he wishes to abolish the policy where students from other states which are good in sports whom are brought into this school to represent the school’s sports team. He wants to see real and so called *original* students only to learn up the sport and represent the school, so we do not have to import students from other states.

Another vision was to equip the school with WiFi services to enable students to access internet with a personal laptop. He wishes to see students not only bringing text books for lessons but start to use the laptop as an accessory for studying.

To end his speech, he says he is very enthusiastic to bring the school to a higher level and has set a 5 year target to accomplish what is best which he has in plan for the school. But he says, he alone can not do anything and he summons all students to wake up from their third world mentality to adapt to our Penang Free School's first class environment (ahemmx, clap hands).

The School celebrated its 190th Anniversary on the 13th August 2006 at the Hotel (although it was not even the 21st October yet). The dinner was also held in conjuction of naming the School Hall after the King (so what is called now? i'm no sure, i think it is the King's Hall??). Among the notable Guest Of Honour were the King Of Malaysia Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, the Governor Of Penang Tun Abdul Rahman Abas, Penang's 2nd Chief Minister Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu and of course the hundreds of other fellow Old Frees. The Principal said he brought up 3 main issues with the King. (1)The restoration and preservation of the School's heritage valued infrastructures. (2)The working culture of the students, as in producing excellent characteristics and all rounder students. (3)Hoping to produce students which comes back to serve or contribute to the school after their secondary education.

Other notable changes are:
The car park area in front of the school pond is now being upgraded. Now it is still under construction and by the time it is done, the car park will have roofs to avoid the sun light and heavy rain. The car park is of course meant for teachers and visitors, it is off limits to students during school hours. This is one of the plans to give the Grand Old Lady a new face lift and a better standard of infrastructure as we are known as a Premier School.

Starting from next year, Penang Free School will introduce the Smart Card System for all its students. Details concerning it have not been fully explained, so stay tune for more news.

In the world of Scouting, the Group recently had its Annual General Meeting on the 2nd of September. During the AGM, many *issues* were brought up, anyone interested to know??

stay tuned to find out` XD

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