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The Amazing Troop Leader Race Season 2

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Yes people, the time has come for the journey to continue, in an all new season live on Astro Channel 17 AXN. Aikss, sorry wrong channel, to those which are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting, u may catch the race live on 08online. The race is currently between three main conterders, the current Prob. Assistant Troop Leaders– Aric Oon and Jeffrey Lee and Prob. Venture Unit Leader Kelvin Lim. Ready, seto, go~!

Aric Oon is the current holder of the Best Patrol Leader Challenge Trophy which he won during Combined Training Camp 2005, CTC05. There is no doubt his leadership skills played a role in him landing that challenge trophy along with numeral other trophies despite his loss to Jeffrey Lee during CTC05 and would prove to be a tough cookie to beat. Besides being a talented Scout, he is also fond of break dancing and always shows his moves during meetings (I wonder weather breakdancing is taken into account).

Jeffrey Lee the Patrol Leader of CTC05, which led his patrol Xothique to emerge as Champions of the camp. Being a winner in our most prestigious camp of all proves Jeffrey is not just a talented one but a capable and able leader. He was elected as the Senior Patrol Leader for the Senior Patrol last year and this proves he has what it needs to be the TL. From an unknown source, Jeffrey is said to be a understanding, friendly and smart scout. A recent scoop during the ASSTC 2006 shows that he loves to play chor tai ti and as everyone knows, he is a Dota freak (lets hope that it is taken into account also).

We surely cannot discount Kelvin from the race. Although he is not currently a Prob. ATL, he seems to possess the qualities that could sway support his way. Although the occurrence of a current none-EXCO being appointed as the Troop Leader doesn't seem likely, it doesn't however mean it is not a possibility!

Kelvin Lim the current Webmaster of this website also a Patrol Leader of CTC05, although he did not win the camp but he manage to obtain several notable trophies. Further more, he is currently leading his Ventures to a clean strike, emerging as winners in almost every competition imaginable. He is known for his g-a-y-n-e-s-s and playful-ness (ahemmxx, guys beware~!!) but he is also known to be very smooth with the ladies (if that is also taken into account). Weird!!!

One thing I find in common between these 3 contenders is of course all of them are avid and skilled players in playing the game Warcraft Dota. Owning~!! And not to forget there is still Senior Scout Jordan The Great on standby to snatch the post, gosh why cant he just wait for next year for his turn to come?

Warren Loh the other Prob. VUL is of course a dark horse in this race. Any chance of him being appointed TL instead of the favourites above? How about Prob. VUS Lau Ka-Yin? Will his frequent use of SK-II products to maintain his good looks help in any way? The other Prob. VUS Moy Wei-Sern will probably want a say in this too.

Of course, there are always the outsiders who would lay claim to the right of office. Would the outgoing TL – Lim Ming Yeng declare himself TL-for-Life? Would the still popular former ATL Phuah Wen Hoong steal the post from under their noses after missing his chance 2 years ago? Would the former TL Alvin Tang return from retirement to save the Troop? Would the current ASSL - Simon Loh sacrifice everything to help revive the Troop by reinstating himself as TL again? Would Mr. Lim Ah Seng try his hand at being both GSM and TL? Would Boo Soon Yew miss scouting so much that he comes back for another stint as TL? How bout former Troop Leader, Head Boy, GSM whatever post u name it, Chng Geam Liang which recently reappear in the scouting world snatch back his post? How bout Lee Kuan Shern, the editor of this site, would he want to be TL for another term? How about ATL of the Century - Ong Teong Khuan? Would he finally get his chance? Could this really be his year? Lest we forget, the TL of the Millennium - Andy Tai Khing Khoon! Who can count him out of the race? He is after all THE Troop Leader of the Millennium, you know. Anyone I forgotten, notify me if I missed out anyone~! ahahax.

So guys, place your bets now, thats not right, what I meant was start voting now at the top of this website where u can find the polls of *Who will be TL 2006/2007*. At the time this entry is posted, Jeffrey and Kelvin is tied at first place to grab the TL post this year with 27% of the votes each while Jordan the Great is a very close second along with Aric Oon garnering 18% of the votes each. Who will be the Troop Leader of 8th Georgetown South Term 2006/2007? The next pit stop for this leg of the race is coming very soon. Who will be the first to arrive? Who will be eliminated? Wait a minute, is this the Amazing Race?? Stay tuned to find out!

*some parts and ideas of this post are taken and
edited from the previous and original Amazing Troop Leader Race*

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