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The Amazing Troop Leader Race

It is very likely to be a three horse race between the current Prob. ATLs - Bernard Tan Ooi Keat and Lim Ming Yeng, and Prob. VUL Gajendheran a/l Nadaesan.

Bernard is the current holder of the Best Patrol Leader Challenge Trophy which he won during CTC04. There's no doubt his leadership skills played a role in him landing that challenge trophy along with numeral other trophies and would prove to be a tough cookie to beat. He's also known to be very smooth with the ladies ( if that is taken into account).

Don't let the cool and quiet exterior fool you. There's definitely more than meets the eye for this somewhat diminutive contender - Ming Yeng. Being a school prefect, he must have his advantages and so far, he's holding his cards closely to his chest. Could he be holding all the aces? Like the saying goes - diam-diam ubi berisi!

We surely cannot discount Gajendheran from the race. Although he's not currently a Prob. ATL, he seems to possess the qualities that could sway support his way. Known to be a studious person and also a school prefect, his dedication to the Troop has never waned. Although the occurrence of a Prob. VUL being appointed as the Troop Leader doesn't seem likely, it doesn't however mean it is not a possibility! Could he appear to be the dark horse after all? (No pun intended)

Of course, there are always the outsiders (or pretenders) who would lay claim to the right of office. Would one of the Form 3 Senior Scouts, against all odds and what is fundamentally right, be chosen to takeover office? Would the outgoing TL - Alvin Tang declare himself TL-for-Life? Would the popular ATL Phuah Wen Hoong steal the post from under their noses after missing his chance last year? Would the ASSL - Simon Loh sacrifice everything to help revive the Troop by reinstating himself as TL? Would Ah Seng (Mr. Lim Ah Seng) try his hand at being both GSM and TL? Would Boo Soon Yew miss scouting so much that he comes back for another stint as TL? How about ATL of the Century - Ong Teong Khuan? Would he finally get his chance? Could this really be his year? Lest we forget, the TL of the Millennium - Andy Tai Khing Khoon! Who can count him out of the race? He is after all THE Troop Leader of the Millennium, you know.

So, come one, come all. Place your bets now. Who will be the next Troop Leader of 8th Georgetown (South)? August 20th is the next pit stop for this leg of the race. Who will be the first to arrive? Who will be eliminated? Stay tuned to find out!

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