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Inter Patrol Competition : Football

The football war is on as the all time champions, Penang Free School's very own 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez™ is challenged by the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors. They claim theirselves to be -undefeatable-....BUT!!! we shall see the payoffs of prob ATL Jeffrey Lee, Prob VUS Moy Wei Sern and VS Ong Kuok T'jun's 'special' training during the past weekend. Both teams will strive their hardest to earn the 8GTS cup during this heart-pounding and exciting game. Will the juniors get past the mighty defence of Prob Vul Kelvin or will they be able to score through the ultimate wall of strength/defence of VS Matthew Ng. Everything will be revealed after the match. Tickets are going on sale with a minimal price of RM 2 per spectator(lol jkjk). Good Luck to all who will be participating.

Attire: Casual

Date: 12/08/06

Venue: Penang Free School Field (UMP)

Time: 0830 hours - 1130 hours

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