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Inter Patrol Competition : Football : Results

The gruesome football match between the 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez ™ and the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors had finally ended. It was a match filled with spirit, courage, luck, anxiety and most of all, teamwork. The match fell into the hands of the 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez ™ when they overpowered the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors to a final score of Venturez 4 - Juniors 0. The 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors were in a state of depression due to their loss in the big game. However, like any other 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scout, they didnt give up and will be training for the second football match at the end of the year. VS Ong Kuok T'jun (striker) scored 3 goals while VUS Lau Ka-Yin managed to score 1 goal due to his lawak skils. Kudos to the winner of the match and a big round of applause to those who attended the meeting.

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