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Troop's Current Condition

Its Andrew here using Chong's account . It has been ages since I wrote something here. There are some stuff I would like to voice out about our troop and suggest ways how newly appointed leaders and members are able to repair the troop .For some reasons, ideas keep swarming into my brain after I left the troop.

1.Scouting Knowledge
As far I know our scouts today seem to have a shallow scouting knowledge .Knowledge such as song singing ,phonetic language ,topography,tying knots, first aid skills ,backwoodsman, morse code and many more are not being practised anymore today .The best part some of the scouts today have not even passed their 'Keahlian Test '. Scouting is not all about winning gatherings ,building gadgets and drilling .Without proper scouting knowledge,how can you even call yourself a scout? Leaders nowadays spend too much time focusing on gatherings and trying to out beat each other on who's CTC would be more grand and blah blah .I was one of them and I realised my mistake too . For the past 4 months, I havent heard much news about the troop or any activities going on . All I heard was some camp was held lately .Leaders should have planned their time properly ,so that more activities could be done .

2.Troop Mufti
One of our past leader lost one whole stack of Muftis and ever since no one after his term took the initiative to make new ones for new members .Many members nowadays dont even own a mufti .Please do something about it .Our troop is able to make camp-T for Asstc and CTC but I cant understand why their are unable to make Muftis .

3.Troop Fund
As I know , troop fund is not being collected for almost 2 terms . Leaders are unable to collect even RM4 a month ? Troop Fund is so important in backing up any financial problems which will happen during CTC . Current leaders should bring back the troop fund collecting system and make sure that you dont use those money to pay your phone credit or go Cybercafe .I have encountered so many Patrol Leaders doing that .

4 . Discipline
Every Wedneday when I drive past school ,I usually noticed our scouts do not respect our Full Sea Scout Uniform . No scarf and shirt tucked out. This might be a small matter to most of you but please bear in mind that you are destroying our troop's image . No matter when or where you are ,if you are supposed to wear your scout uniform make sure everything is there . It was always a privilege to wear the troop 's uniform .Respect the uniform, respect the troop.

5.Flat top .
My year was the last year to receive the flat top which was given during Alvin Tang's year . No one told us where we could buy them .I actually found a person during my term to make these flat tops but it was too expensive .Hoping for some suggestion from ex-scouts.

Thats all for today .

Is there any reunion next year ? Our troop would be 50 years old next year . 1Gts did a reunion dinner for their 97th anniversary recently .

Hoping to see a new webmaster soon to update us .

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