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Morning Colours

I think most of you guys would know what is Morning Colours . 'OH, that is the time where we blo in front of the flag ' . Do you know what is the real purpose we carry out Morning Colours ? Why is it only our troop performs it and 1GTS & 7GTS doesnt?

I copied this from somewhere.

The basic procedure for Sea Scouts is similar to other Scout units with a few nautical modifications. Sea Scouts “Make Colours”, not raise or break the flag. Sea Scout Colours are always hoisted free, unfurled, not rolled up for a break as is the custom in other units. The following description is to serve as a broad outline as each Ship’s Company develops minor variations of the basic procedure.

The Boatswain musters the Ship’s Company in the Divisions formation (by boat crews in two straight lines facing each other) either by the Morse Code letter ‘D’ piped on the Boatswain’s Call, or the regulation “Fall in” piped on the Boatswain’s Call, followed by the voice command “Fall in”. Vary the procedure so that the Ship’s Company become aware of both methods. All voice commands are spoken in a clear voice, loud enough for everyone to hear and sufficient to demonstrate authority.

The Boatswain inspects the Ship’s Company to ensure their uniforms are neat, appoints a Sea Scout from the Watch to act as the Signalman, brings the Ship’s Company to the alert and turns them over to the Skipper:

Boatswain: “Skipper, the Ship’s Company is ready to make colours.”
Skipper: “Thank you Boatswain, Post Signalman to the mast.”
Boatswain: “Signalman to Post.”

The Signalman takes one pace back, and walks briskly to position on the Quarterdeck to clear the mast halyards and make ready the Colours.

Skipper: “Clear the halyards”
Signalman: “Halyards all clear, Aye.”
Skipper: “Ship’s Company, facing aft, right and left, turn. Signalman, Make Colours.”

The Boatswain pipes Colours. Signalman raises the colours quickly, all the way to the top of the mast. On the rare occasion that colours are to be worn at half mast as a sign of mourning, the Signalman raises the colours briskly to the top of the mast, then slowly lowers them to half mast.

While the colours are being made, all present in uniform salute the flag. Those present on deck who are Scouts but not in uniform make the Scout Sign. Non-Scouts stand at attention. The salute is usually performed without a command, but for a new Ship’s Company it may be necessary to issue verbal commands until the crew gets the used to the ceremony. In such case the Skipper issues the command “Ship’s Company, Salute” and releases the salute with the command “Steady”.

The proper command to release the Ship’s Company following the opening Divisions is “Ship’s Company, Fall out” or “break off”. The command “Ship’s Company, Dismiss” is issued only after closing. Sea Scouts do all flag procedures with nautical terms and always pipe to “make” or lower their colours.

I dont know how many of you guys would read this but please take the effort to do so . I always stress about the importance of morning colours .I am very sure 100% most of the scouts today carry out morning colours wrongly despite being taught over and over again .Most of our scouts never took the initiative to remember the procedures which really irritates me .

Andrew =)

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