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PGCHS Campfire 2010

Congrats to our troop on winning PCGHS Campfire Overall. Its about time our troop won something big in gatherings .

Good Job .

Please do present your trophy during Perhimpunan to make a statement to 7GTS , that they are ..............,considering they have so many members =)

Look at how our troop has performed in the past few PCGHS Campfires :-

2008: 2nd Runner Up
2009: 1st runner Up
2010: Overall Champions

Seems like a pattern to me . Next year what?

Wedding Dress Performance I think . I realised the troop has been dancing to japanese/kpop songs for the past 4-5 years in gatherings . Asian music domination .Kai Yan has really improved in his dancing .I remember seeing him dancing for the first time during CTC 08 and his moves were so 'kayu ' but look at him now .Troop ,mosquito clap ! Wait does anyone even know what is that now ?

From Energy to 5566 to Se7en to DBSK to Big Bang to Tae Yang ????

Andrew =)

Please make some noise in the chatbox .

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