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~Visit to the Archive Room~

On Tuesday 23rd August, I and 4 scouts visited the Archive Room. They were ATL Gajen and 3 Senior Scouts, Kel and Ka-yin and Kwok Tjun. I wished more people had turned up as I wanted to set up the OC for the 45th Anniversary Cum Reunion Dinner and wanted to have a meeting concerning it but the Chairman did not attend also.

The main purpose of this visit was to look back on the history of our troop. We also wanted to collect information about the troop and also want to take down the names of EXCO from their respective terms. So we could keep in touch with them and keep them updated.

Luckily ATL Gajen is a member of the Board Of Archive and is one of the directors. This helps to lessen our burden. We brought digital cameras so we can take photos which made it easier.*the digicam was kshern idea.. lol..*

We got a lot of information and I am still in the process of compiling it. I was really amazed as I saw familiar names. We found a scouting journal called *Scouting Herald*. I wonder why they stop publishing it. It was really a creative idea that time. I was proud to see the achievement our troop had that time and the unity of the scouts in PFS.

Did you guys know we had our own Sea Scout Den in Kelawei Road (near gurney) before the move to our own Scout Den (which is very *good condition*) in our school. That time we had 11 fleets of canoes if I am not wrong. I remember there was a part I wrote down from the magazine which says *7 Ventures spent 3 enjoyable days canoeing around the island, while 6 Sea Scouts followed by bicycles!!*.

That was just part of what we the information we collected. We were there around 2hours and we got so many info.*not to forget 2 Senior Scouts came halfway and chao go play dota* I hope to put more in but I gotta go for now. Just leave your comments and email me if you people got any enquiries.

*There will be another visit to the Archive Room around next week (not yet confirmed when.. come back to check the website or contact me), and we would appreciate it if more people would help out.. and ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY (just joking) but we do need more hands*

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