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Backwoodsman Inter Patrol Competition

Attention all sea scouts!!! This week we are gonna have our first and hopefully not the last Inter Patrol Competition of the year which is the Backwoodsman Cooking. Its bout time for u guys to show ur skills and see whose is the Iron Chef of 8gts. So whose gonna dominate this year's backwoodsman??? Will it be the [V]enturez??? or the Junior Patrols Dolphin or Otter or Beaver?? Who will continue the legend of PL Rishi from Pengu with his mighty kerang.. lol.... Whose gonna produce more smokes...8gts or 7gts??? We will find out soon enough.
Date: 13th August 2005
Time: 0800hrs - 1230hrs
Venue: UMP (Usual Meeting Place)
Attire: Full Mufti

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