welcome to 08online

the official homepage for the mighty sea scouts of
penang free school
8th georgetown (south) sea scout group

Welcome to a New Beginning

Welcome to the new virtual home for the mighty sea scouts of Penang Free School. So what's new around here? The right question should be...what's not?!? Say goodbye to the plain old website, hello interactive community! Make a shoutout at the chat area, get cracked up by the silly comments accompanying the photos, write your own dry humour about those pictures, influence the polls with your votes, get updated with what's going on, and most importantly, make your opinions count by leaving comments on the main posts. What?!? You want a tour? You got to be kidding me! I'll just let you poke around yourself and find your own way around. That's more fun.

Enjoy the site!

P.S. Don't forget to leave your mark in the ship's log!

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