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The Results Of The AGM 2005

The AGM started with the usual tradition of breaking the Flag and there was a slight drizzle. This year there was no drilling which was a surprise to everyone. The reading of the minutes of the AGM 2004 was read by the Secretary ATL Ng Kok Kwan. Then TL Alvin Tang gave his Troop Leader's Report. Later each Office Bearers gave thier annual report which is as usual yada..yada...yada.... the usual boring stuff lerrr.. zzZZzzzZZZ.

After that.. there was a different agenda which is the reading of the new Constitution. *will write more bout it later in a new post* The Constitution is the guidelines on how to handle the troop and etc etc.

The time has come for the most important part of the AGM(drumroll please....), the part which everyone is waiting for, the Appointment of the New Office Bearers and the Appointment of the New Leaders. The new TL .... for the term 2005/2006 is..... *everyone's at the end of their seats*.... TL..... *everyone's lsitening attentively.. to the announcement by the outgoing TL* Troop Leader Lim Ming Yeng. Later, the outgoing EXCO changes place with the new incoming EXCO.

The new Troop Leader, TL Matt Lim gave an outline of the troop's future plans and administration. ASSL Simon Loh started to question the outgoing EXCO's bout their year and gave his encouragement to the juniors to strive harder. The ex-TL Alvin Tang voiced out about the 45th Anniversary Cum Reunion Dinner event. He suggesteed to have a Organizing Committee for the event and TL Matt Lim should head the O.C. Besides that, the ex-TL also asked the Caonoe Master ATL Bernard Tan bout the future plans for the canoes (which already deteriorating) as he said we already have the blueprints. He also suggested to the PDC VUL Daniel Phoon not to just attend for duties but also volunteer to do charity at the old folks home etc etc as it will improve our image to the public.

After that, all members proceded back to the field for the Troop Investiture Ceremony. The handing over the tags and cord were done. Then we were dismissed and the part which all Seniors and Venturez.. the f3 f4 f5 have been waitin for which is the ***** show and throwin them into the pond. A lot of ppl were there wathcing the "free show" and there was a change as a PL was also a victim.. who is the PL which was none other than the great PL Jordan Lee. The AGM adjourned at around 1230hours.

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