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Welcome FormSix Peepx~

On 15th May 2006, it is the first day of school for all Lower Six students around Malaysia. Penang Free School is one of the schools which provide Form Six education in the country. So on this very day in the PFS Hall, there was the Form Six Orientation which was conducted by the school admin. This means u can see many of our students taking a chance to pass the school hall to *scope* for _____ (u know wad I mean guys).

Congratulations to those selected to be in PFS. As I was browsing through Friendster Bulletin Board a few days ago, I found this interesting song lyric dedicated to all form6 students going to PFS. If you had heard of the song You Are Beautiful by James Blunt, u might find this funny, so enjoy guys~!!

Original song title= You Are Beautiful by James Blunt
Title of this song= I'm back to school by Anonymous.

The Edit Version

My hair got billions,
My hair is pure,
I saw a teacher,
Of that I am sure,
He smiled at me at the walkway,
Scissors was in his another hand,
But I wont feel happy on that,
Shave bald is the only plan.

I'm back to school, I'm back to school,
I'm back to school, its true.
I saw my face with a funny head,
And I feel look like a fool,
Cause I will never be so cute.
Yeah, he cut my hair,
As I walked on by,
Everybody could see from my face that I was,
F*#king tai,
And I dont think that I will grow hair again,
But I had a moment that I look like a man.

I'm back to school, I'm back to school,
I look so *Cool*, its true,
I saw my head with a funny face,
And I dunno what to do,
Cause my hair never been so few.
I'm back to school, I'm back to school,
I'm back to zoo, its true.
There must be a teacher with a smile on his face,
When he caught my hair grow longer a few,
But its time to face the truth,
I will have to say thank you..
- The End-

You may find the original lyrics here. Sorry if any part of the post offended you in anyway at all. 8th Georgetown South would like to welcome all Form6 students to the Grand Old Lady and may you enjoy your schooling life.

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