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Troop Take Over 2006

TTO has come to an end.Lets congratulate those who have gotten their new posts and give them the support and help they need.The posts are as stated below.

Prob. ATL:Jeffrey Lee Jiajian,
Aric Oon Wei Sheng

Prob. VUL:Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng,
Warren Loh Yu-Shen

Prob. VUS:Moy Wei-Sern,
Lau Ka-Yin

Prob. PL :Adrian Chuah(Beaver Patrol),
Keshav Indran(Dolphin Patrol),
Chong Kam Zhern(Otter Patrol),
Shaun Oh Thean Wei(Penguin Patrol)

Prob. PS : Ong Siew Chai(Beaver Patrol),
Shukri(Dolphin Patrol),
Chuan Teik Min(Otter Patrol),
Pavithren(Penguin Patrol)

Best Scout Term 2005/2006:Adrian Chuah

Best Patrol Term 2005/2006:Beaver Patrol

Once again congratulations to those who got their new post. Make the troop a better place in the present and the future. The new updated Troop Roll Call of Honour can be viewed here.

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