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Scouting - Dead or Alive?

One question usually pops up during conversations among former scouts - "Is scouting still alive?" The sustainability of scouting is not a problem faced by the scouting movement in PFS only. Other scouting movements are feeling the heat too. So, is scouting still alive? I've to admit, there were times when I conceed scouting was as dead as a doornail...until I saw these pictures of the flagpole used during Troop Takeover 2006 sent to me recently. If you want to have a larger view, you can browse each of them here.

Many would probably respond in shock at the shoddy workmanship and all. I know I would. However, I thought to myself...maybe the circumstances did not permit them to dig a hole in the field for that particular afternoon. Maybe someone forgot to bring the digger. Maybe they didn't have enough time. Maybe they just wanted to try something new.

This is not the first time I've seen such a ploy being used but I'm having a different approach and reaction now. I thought to myself....scouting in PFS is not that dead after all. If they had the ingenuity of doing that, if they could improvise when the situation demands changes, if they can be that resourceful, how could that equate to scouting being dead? Isn't scouting all about being resourceful and all that?

Scouting is very much alive and these pictures bear testimonity of its vitality. I might not like how the flagpole looks or how untidy the lashings are or the fact that they are using rafia to hoist the troop flag up instead of a nylon rope, but I cannot deny the fact that scouting is very much alive, maybe in a different form that we are used to, maybe in a different standard that we expect from them. Whatever it is, scouting is not yet dead...at least not for now. As long as they acknowledge, cultivate and work to their strengths, evolve with the times, enjoy doing what they do, scouting is far from being six feet under.

Don't Just Sail...Make Waves!!!

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