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Farewell, Mr. Sober

I've just received news that Mr. Sober, a former teacher of Penang Free School passed away last night at the Adventist Hospital here in Penang. I remember him as a very jovial person, always smiling and laughing. However, make no mistake, he did have a temper and you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him when someone stepped on his tail. You can always depend on him to enliven things up when events were a bore. He would cheer up any room with his mere presence.

At the moment, I can only remember that he taught the subject Living Skills but I think he taught a few more subjects (maybe Geography and Art?). I remembered he came to my class as a replacement teacher once. He could have just sat down and asked us to do our own work or went off to have a cup of coffee like what most teachers would have done but he didn't. Instead, he engaged us in lively discussions about life. He was also the school Hostel Warden, the school Rubgy Coach, a member of the School Grounds Committee and others that my memory fails to recall. Whatever it is, to me Mr. Sober truly represents a True Free, not only for his love for the school, but for the love of his students too.

Every now and then, he would put on his trademark cowboy hat, grabbed his guitar and serenade us with a few songs. As such, I feel it is appropriate to accompany this post with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's medley of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and What A Wonderful World and a collage of pictures I managed to salvage from the school magazines. Farewell, Mr. Sober. My condolences to your immediate family. You may contact the school for more details. I'm sure they would know.

Photo Tribute to Mr. Sober(click for larger view)

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