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Happy 1st Anniversary 08online

Yes it is true, the Official Website of 8th Georgetown South is officially 1 year old. But i think many people fail to realise that, its okay guys. Wow, me my self could not believe how fast time has past. Lets play fireworks~


Here is a few info. The website here was launch on 8th August 2005 08.08.05 and today is 8th August 2006 08.08.06, i cant wait to celebrate in the 08.08.08, savvy isnt it. When this site first started, it was handled by me, daniel.lawbreaker and in the new term, it is now currently under the hands of Prob. Venture Unit Leader Kelvin Lim aka kel, and not to forget our advisor and longest serving moderator Lee Kuan Shern aka kshern (applause please). In the whole duration, 08online has gone through 3 major layout change and this new one is to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of this site I suppose (thanks once again to kshern).

With the launch of this blog, present Sea Scout was able to communicate with former Sea Scouts and Old Frees. People were able to voice out their concerns on the Group and the school. Many things has happen in this 1 year within the Group and the school. A few notable ones are the Rule Changes, Sea Scouts Going Bald, the Leaving of the HM and the Arrival of the new HM, the Retirement of Mr Loh Hua Sin and the Appointment of Mr Goh Teng Keang, the passing of a few icons like Mr Sober and Mr Ooi, the Another 40min of Horror, Scouting - Dead or Alive and the Scouting Centenary 2007: One World One Promise.

In this same year, the Group has existed for 45 glorious years, our Grand Old Lady Penang Free School is reaching its Grand 190th Anniversary this 21st October, Malaysia is celebrating its 49th Independance Day and not to forget I am 16 already, lolx.

Lets sing the birthday song~!! By the way, we have not receive any 1st Anniversary presents yet, hahahax. No need to take the trouble to get us one, just write in your birthday wishes as a comment will do. Remember it is the thought that counts. Lastly, I hope 08online will continue to exist the in world WILD web and the same goes to 8th Georgetown South in the real world. May all of us live to celebrate the 101st Anniversary of 08online and the 145th Anniversary of 8thSouth. Just joking, peace out.

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