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1st Anniversary Quiz Challenge

Just a week ago, this website celebrated its first year of existence. Today, there's something else to celebrate about - its 100th entry! Yes, this is the 100th post in here. There has been that much crap.

To mark this double celebration, why not let someone have a chance to celebrate too! Introducing the 1st Anniversary Quiz Challenge. Email the answers to the questions below to 8thsouth+quiz[at]gmail[dot]com to participate. Only entries through email will be entertained. Answers of course can be found on this website itself. Good luck!

  1. It has been wrongly mentioned here that the first webmaster of 08online was Daniel Phoon. The fact is, there was another webmaster before him albeit a short period of time only. Name that person.
  2. We have our very own podcast. What is it called?
  3. When was 08online officially launched?
  4. When was 08online.v2 - Simplicity released?
  5. A previous 8thsouth website is still lingering in cyberspace. Provide the full URL.
  6. Where can you get information about our Troop Tag? Provide the full URL.
  7. Name the two models under the Our Uniform section.
  8. Decode this Morse Code: [ -.. --- -. .----. - / .--- ..- ... - / ... .- .. .-.. / .- .-.. .-.. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .-.. .. ..-. . --..-- / -- .- -.- . / .-- .- ...- . ... .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- ] (Hint: there is a tool introduced somewhere in this website that could easily translate that)

A tie-breaker question will be emailed to contestants if there is more than one person whose entry has all the right answers.


Midnight of 31st August 2006

Winner and Prize:

The winner will be notified by email before CTC06 and is required to collect the prize at CTC06 itself. If the winner is unable to collect the prize personally, arrangements will be made later for the winner to receive the prize (at the discretion of the Troop).

This quiz challenge is open to all followers of 08online. We reserve the rights to change or amend the rules and regulations above at anytime as we deem fit. All decisions of the jury are final and cannot be appealed.

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