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So What Else Is New?

Apart from the minor facelift for 08online, there are also some new features and content that we would like to introduce. This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve this website to serve you better. As you can see, the navigational links are now properly organised on the right sidebar, divided into various categories. You can also browse through our archives now and find that old post you've always been looking for. The download section will also be updated with new content for you to download now and then.

As you will have come to realise, we have a new content called "Memoirs of a Sea Scout". It's a totally fictional series with entries written by various contributors describing the journey and scouting experience of one particular sea scout. Please remember it is fictional and for entertainment purposes only and shoul not be taken as the truth or whatsoever. The introduction entry might seem a solemn one but future entries will be promisingly on the lighter side. If you are interested in contributing an entry of your own, even if it is only one, send it to 8thsouth+memoirs[at]gmail[dot]com.

We are also working on integrating 08online with the Troop's Yahoo! Groups for notification of updates on this site. Through the integration, anyone on the mailing list of the 8thsouth Yahoo! Groups will receive an email notification whenever this site is updated. Of course, the best way to keep track of this website is still through RSS subscriptions.

Hope you like the minor changes to 08online.

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