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the official homepage for the mighty sea scouts of
penang free school
8th georgetown (south) sea scout group

Introducing 08online.v2 - Simplicity

In conjuction with the appointment of our new webmaster - Kelvin Lim, we've decided to relaunch 08online and give it a slight makeover. We would now like to present to you a neater and cleaner look for 08online surrounding the theme - SIMPLICITY. From the funky retro look of the first 08online, we've come to a more organised and zen look that is hopefully more appealing to a broader group of people. The new 08online might seem leaner but the new webmaster has some plans up his sleeves to make it a meaner website than before. Kelvin was part of the development team when 08online was created, so we know we are in good hands here. Hope you'll enjoy your new experience on 08online with our new webmaster. Best wishes to him for the year ahead.

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