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Cross Country

The Penang Free School Cross Country is here~!! Wooohoo. This is the time where PFS students represent their respective sport houses to earn points for the Overall Throphy for sports. Now the house which is leading is Pinhorn, followed by Wu Lien Teh and Hargreaves, then Cheeseman and Hamilton, and surprisingly the last place this year is Tunku Putra. The marks were collected from the Additional Sports which was held 2 days ago. Details of the cross counrty are as follow:
Date: 24th of March 2006
Time: 0730hrs - 1200hrs
Start: Penang Free School Field
Ends: Penang Free School Field
*Attendance is compulsory. Those who fail to attend or is absent without a reasonable reason shall face the Senior Assistant of Cocuriculum Coco Lee Ewe Lim, she shall pulas ur ear~!! Lolx.*

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