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Results of the Cross Country 2006

The morning started of badly. When i arrived in school, it was drizzling and i thought the cross country was canceled (which was wad everyone was hoping for). But of course Miss Coco Lee said we as Frees shall not be afraid of the rain and the race shall go on. We went and line up in our respective houses and this years event was a little bit different. It started of with the Aerobic Exercise/ Dance and the students as well as the teachers had loads of fun. Than the cross country started of with the girls, followed by class 3, class 2 and then class 1. The rain of course didnt dampened the spirit of Frees as students *ran* or u can call it walk. Lolx. Later after that was the prize giving ceremony. Guess who came up top this year in the cross country??
1. Pinhorn
2. Wu Lien Teh
3. Hargreaves
4. Hamilton
5. Cheeseman
6. Tunku Putra

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